Building a Classic Capsule Wardrobe: "Preppy" Closet Essentials

In the past few years, the concept of a "capsule wardrobe" has gone from niche to fashion phenomenon. The idea originated among minimal style bloggers, but is now extremely popular in the fashion community as a whole. For those who may be unfamiliar with a "capsule wardrobe", it's essentially a wardrobe consisting of a small number of items that are carefully curated to be easily mixed-and-matched. There are many different variations of the capsule wardrobe (including Project 333, the Five Piece French Wardrobe, and the 10-Item Wardrobe), but all aim for the same goal of creating a functional closet that allows you to be well-dressed, always. If you're interested in learning more, I'd recommend reading Anuschka Rees's website or checking out her book The Curated Closet. 

I love how creating a capsule allows you to really narrow down your wardrobe to the absolute essentials, and forces you to be smart about what you buy. In this way, capsule wardrobes are great to really get to the core of what pieces really define your style. They're also a super functional way to go about packing for vacation or extended trips!

I haven't seen many sample capsule wardrobes meant specifically for classic style, so today, I thought I would try and create one. By extension, this post is also a list of what I find to be the most basic core items that will anchor your closet if you already dress, or are interested in dressing in, a classic style. See the rationale behind each item below:

  • White Blouse
This is a wardrobe workhorse (as are most of the pieces here). White blouses can go with anything, and work all year round. This classic "Dillon" style from Banana Republic has a removable neck tie that gives you the option to keep the feminine detail or go without for a completely different look. 
  • Everyday Tee
Good quality is key for this one! Personally, I love the linen tees from J.Crew. This can be worn casually with a pair of white shorts or jeans, or teamed with a skirt for a dressier ensemble. I'd go with navy or white to start, then add colors if you want to expand your collection. 
  • Pinstripe Button Down
Dress it up, dress it down, wear it tucked in and buttoned-up or loose and casual. I love the quality and construction of the Polo Ralph Lauren shirts (bonus: they are super wrinkle-resistant!). The pinstripe is nearly as versatile as white, but the pattern adds a bit more interest.  
  • Rugby Shirt
Of course, the striped shirt is the quintessential "classic" piece. However, I like the way that the striped rugby shirt is so very New England, and has the same versatility and wearability of a plain striped tee, while simultaneously being a bit more unique. 
  • Little Navy Dress
I know I've spoken about the LND, or the LBD (little blue dress), and I think it goes without saying that this belongs in every girl's wardrobe. You could, of course, go for a little black dress instead of navy, but I find that the latter is a lot more flattering and suitable for all seasons (black is more of a fall/winter shade for me, but feel free to disagree!). A navy dress in a classic cut is the definition of timeless elegance. Add pearls and pumps and head out to a gala, or layer a cardigan and sandals for a casual look. 
  • Shirtdress
The shirtdress is the LND's casual cousin. It's nearly as versatile (find the right one, and it can take you from beach cover-up to presentation) but will add variety to your wardrobe. Kiel James Patrick makes great straight-fit shirtdresses with a pretty scalloped collar, and if you're more of a fit-and-flare gal, Polo Ralph Lauren has wonderful options as well. 
  • Dark Wash Jeans 
I'm definitely a jean girl at heart. I love jeans (although I hate shopping for them), and I have several styles on rotation. However, if we're really getting down to the absolute must-haves, I think there's nothing better than a well-made, tailored pair of dark wash skinny jeans! I'd check out Madewell - they have a great, inclusive size range and amazing quality denim. 
  • Camel Skirt
Camel is undoubtedly one of the most versatile colors you can own. For a casual look, pair this with the rugby tee; for a dressed-up look add a white blouse.
  • White Cable Knit Sweater
I think this one sort of goes without saying. Layer it on top of a shirt or wear alone, tuck it in or wear it loose and casual. A perfect white sweater is also an all-season piece; it's perfect for chilly summer nights and equally essential during the fall and winter. 
  • Navy Skirt
Where the camel skirt doesn't quite fit, try a navy skirt. This shade can be more easily dressed up, so if you have a more formal event, the navy skirt will be your best friend! Style options are endless, but I'd recommend going for an A-line or flare cut. One thing to keep in mind is to vary length between your camel skirt and this navy skirt (ie. if your camel skirt is longer, like in my mock-capsule above, then go for a short navy skirt - and vice versa). 
  • White Chino Shorts
Chino shorts are the spring/summer equivalent of a good pair of jeans. They go with almost every outfit, they're comfortable and 100% classic. If I were to narrow down to the absolute essentials, I'd recommend starting with a white pair for maximum versatility. J.Crew makes my favorite pairs, but you can also find great ones at Brooks Brothers, Talbots, and Gap. 
  • Colored Cardigan
At first, having both a cardigan and a sweater might seem redundant (especially when you're forced to narrow things down to the absolute minimum), but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that a cardigan is definitely something I can't live without. Cardigans are really essential for layering, but give a different look than a sweater, since you can still see whatever top you're wearing beneath them. They're also a great way to make a sleeveless piece wearable during chillier weather. I would suggest picking out a fun color to help add variety to your wardrobe, especially if you have a good neutral sweater on hand as well!
  • Silk Scarf
Three words: classic, chic, and versatile. These are the ultimate accessory and can be worn countless ways. Really, is there anything more put-together than a crisp button-down, and a pretty neck scarf? I love how the scarf I chose above has pops of red that pull from the other red pieces in the capsule. 
  • Nude Pumps
Medium-height nude pumps will take you anywhere and effortlessly elevate an outfit. The pair I chose above is from Ferragamo (more affordable options are also linked in below!); I love the bow detail that adds a bit of personality and interest to an otherwise very nondescript shoe. I'd also recommend choosing a wider heel for maximum comfort. 
  • Dressy Sandals
These are definitely one of the easiest shoes to wear. They can go from casual to dressy, and are a staple in my own wardrobe. I love the classic platinum Jack Rogers to fill this role (or try the Palm Beach Sandals brand).
  • Brown Loafers
I think everything from the uber classic Weejun to the more casual Sperry boat shoe can fit into this category. Whatever your preference, a pair of easy brown loafers are an all-weather, all-season, (almost) all-occasion essential! Bonus points if they're super broken-in.
  • Hunting Vest
This is the perfect item for layering in the colder weather. J.Crew makes them in a million colors (try a bright pop to add life to your cold-weather clothing).
  • Wool Coat
When the weather drops to its lowest points, the wool coat is your savior. I love how simple, chic, and tailored a wool coat looks. J.Crew's Nello Gori wool is no joke, and they have a great selection of styles that also come in tall and petite sizes. Alternatively, look to L.L. Bean or Land's End. 
  • Trench Coat
Trench coats are great for in-between weather (read: spring or fall). Look for a waterproof or water-resistant style (hello, L.L. Bean!) so that this doubles as a rain jacket. Perfect city-chic, classic versatility! Out of all the coats in my closet, I think my trench coat comes out on top in terms of how much wear I get out of it each year. 
  • Hunter or Bean Boots
In an ideal world, one can find great use for both Hunter and Bean Boots in their closet. However, these shoes aren't cheap, so if we're narrowing things down to the absolute minimum I'd recommend just picking one. Go for whichever suits your style and needs more: if you live in an uber-rainy place, I'd go for Hunters, and if you live in New England Bean Boots are likely more practical.
  • Monogram Necklace
I never take my monogram necklace off; it's the perfect everyday necklace that elevates every outfit. I'd look at Etsy if you're interested in purchasing one. They have a huge variety of sizes, styles, and metals for much less than big retailers.  
  • Pearl Studs & Pearl necklace
Pearls are, perhaps, the symbol of quintessential classic style. They are simply elegant, and every girl needs a great pearl necklace and set of pearl studs in their wardrobe. I am a firm believer that if you have both of these, you can forgo almost all other jewelry and still look incredibly put-together. 
    • Classic Tote
    If you're only going to have one bag in your wardrobe, make it the classic tote. A great tote will go with anything, go anywhere, and look chic and pulled together at a moment's notice. I love the customizable options from Barrington Gifts (how adorable is the tennis print featured above!).

    Optional Add-Ons

    • Riding Boots
    • Crossbody Bag
    • Watch
    • Corduroy Pants
    • Oversized Sunglasses

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    dress: J.Crew Factory // cardigan: J.Crew // bag: Cambridge Satchel Company // scarf: vintage (also love this one) // bracelet: KJP // watch: Fossil // shoes: Nine West (old, similar) // claddagh ring: The Irish Jewelers (similar) // monogram necklace: Etsy // sunglasses: Amazon (dupes for the Karen Walker glasses

    Lately, I've been making it my mission to get more use out of my silk neck scarves. I don't have a ton, but I love those that are a part of my collection and they don't get enough wear! My favorite way to wear them - other than around my neck, of course - has been wrapping them around the handle of my everyday bag, the navy satchel from Cambridge Satchel Co. It's such a classic, vintage-esque way to spice up a bag that otherwise looks the same day-to-day. This scarf came to me recently from my mom (thank you!), and I was immediately drawn to the simple pattern and the navy, white, and emerald color scheme. Apparently emerald has been on my mind, because I discovered that the scarf is the exact same shade as a new eyelet dress I picked up from J.Crew Factory.

    I'm not always a fan of the matchy-matchy look, but I couldn't resist this pairing! I love the contrast between the stark white cardigan and bright green dress, and to avoid taking away from this color scheme I added simple nude flats. These are some of the oldest shoes in my wardrobe; they're from Nine West and I've worn them almost to death. It's hard to find this shade in shoes - not too warm-toned, and not too cool-toned. So, for now, these will remain my go-to pair until I'm able to find something that matches them in versatility.

    Alright, let's backtrack for a moment and talk about this dress. This is another one of those pieces I saw at J.Crew in seasons past but missed out on. Well, this style showed up at J.Crew factory this year (in three colors!) and when it went on super sale I finally pulled the trigger. The flattering fit-and-flare cut, the eyelet lace detail and the button up front all come together to make this a must-have piece for summer. I love this gorgeous emerald (how many times have I mentioned emerald in this post haha), but it also comes in navy and white. I think the white, especially, would be a great addition to a summer wardrobe. I can also see this paired with a pretty belt at the waist to accentuate the flared skirt --- honestly, the options are totally endless. If you, like me, didn't scoop up one of these pieces last year, do so now!

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    Mix and Match Swim Picks for Summer with J.Crew

    A great swimsuit is the keystone of any summer vacation wardrobe. Personally, I think swimsuit shopping is tons of fun, especially with so many bright colors, patterns, and cuts to choose from. But good quality swimsuits aren't cheap, so whenever I invest in a new set of swimwear I aim to make sure that I can mix and match every piece in my collection.

    For me, buying one neutral top that's interchangeable with many different fun bottoms (rather than multiple sets of matching tops/bottoms) is a great way to maximize your swim options on a budget. The same thing goes for the opposite approach, buying one pair of bottoms that can pair with multiple tops! As a bonus, when all of your swimwear is mix-and-matchable if one piece wears out faster than the others you can easily replace said item, without being left with one half of a matching set and nothing to pair it with.

    Today I've picked out some of my favorite swim picks from J.Crew's summer line. I've had great luck with J.Crew swimwear in the past; I've found that they have the same quality as much more expensive lines (so they last season-to-season) with a mid-range price tag that can become very reasonable, especially if you shop sales! They also - crucially - allow you to purchase tops/bottoms separately, which is an essential feature not only to mix and match pieces but also to make sure you get a good fit. Swim lines that require you to purchase your tops and bottoms together, in the same size, are such a pet peeve of mine. I don't know about you, but 99% of the time I'm not the same size in tops as I am in bottoms, and I don't like being forced to buy something I know won't fit! Bravo J.Crew for actually allowing us to pick our own sizes.

    Some fun things to think about when picking out swimwear this season:

    1. Mix and match patterns/texture! Try a floral pattern with an eyelet (top left of the graphic above), or a gingham and a floral (top middle). When pairing two patterns together, go for something geometric (ex. gingham, stripes) with something organic (ex. floral) to keep things from becoming too busy, and try to keep the size of the pattern consistent. For example, try thicker stripes with a larger floral pattern, and vice versa.

    2. Don't be afraid to pair two neutrals together, just add fun details like ruffles to break up the color-blocking (see the bottom right above).

    3. Contrary to popular opinion, horizontal stripes can be your best friend! Choose them for a classic, vintage swimwear feel. They look especially good in high-waisted bikini bottoms (bottom left).

    4. Try a bright color paired with a more muted shade! Bright red and light blue is one of my favorite options.

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    Springtime Blooms

    skirt: Kate Spade (old) // shirt: Kiel James Patrick (old, check second-hand or shop similar styles here) // necklace: H&M (old, similar) // glasses: EyeBuy Direct "Infinity" // shoes: Banana Republic (old, similar) // sweater: L.L.Bean // watch: Daniel Wellington // bag: Cambridge Satchel Company (old, similar) // pearls: vintage

    We all know I have wayyyyy too much blue and white in my spring/summer wardrobe... but pink? Not so much. It's odd because I actually love the color, but when I'm shopping I just never actively choose pink over other shades. Maybe it's because, subconsciously, I'm thinking that pink is less versatile? Whatever it is, I've been making a conscious effort to get more use out of the pink pieces in my wardrobe. One of my favorites is this Kiel James Patrick scalloped-collar oxford. I love the lightweight cotton (perfect for warm weather), and the contrasting white collar and cuffs! Today, I paired it with my old Kate Spade bow skirt, which is a great light cream color verging on tan. The skirt is technically made of a canvas material, but with the structure of a scuba fabric that gives it great shape and makes it insanely comfortable. When I walked out the door I thought it might get chilly (it was a typical rainy May day), so I grabbed a white crewneck sweater that I could throw on over my oxford if necessary. The afternoon ended up being really warm, however, so the sweater just stayed tied around my waist for the day!

    Finally, can we talk about how well the floral necklace went with the pink of the sweater? I've had this statement necklace for years now (I think it was an old H&M purchase back in the day), but I continue to wear it over and over because it's more of a dusty mauve that picks up on whatever tones you pair it with. It's also got a gorgeous ribbon detail in the back, which I think is such an adorable alternative to the typical lobster-claw clasp. My DW Southampton watch also always makes a comeback in my summer wardrobe, and with this outfit, I opted for my rose gold Cambridge Satchel Bag to match the metal of the watch. It was the perfect ensemble for a day strolling around Georgetown, shooting graduation photos, and grabbing coffee with my best friend Mary (who is also a photographer extraordinaire, of course!).

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