Springtime Stripes

bodysuit: J.Crew (old, similar option linked) // pants: J.Crew (also available in petite and tall sizes!) // shoes: J.Crew // bag: Vineyard Vines (old, similar) // watch: Daniel Wellington // bracelet: vintage // earrings: J.Crew // sunglasses: Amazon (dupes for these Karen Walker glasses)

Last weekend, I did a huge wardrobe clearout and moved all of my winter items into my under bed storage, leaving plenty of room to bring out my warm weather clothes! One of my favorite pieces that came back out for this season is this blue and white striped bodysuit that I bought on major sale last year at J.Crew. This was the first bodysuit I'd ever tried, and at first, I was hesitant. Most of the bodysuits I'd seen up until this point last year weren't really my style, but when Crew brought out a line of adorable t-shirt style options I decided to give this one a try. I'm so happy I did; this was one of my most-worn items all last season and it's just so comfortable and easy to wear. I was so excited when the weather finally got warm enough to pull it back out again!

The outfit I wore today is very much a combination of old and new. My bodysuit, wicker clutch from VV, and Daniel Wellington Southampton watch are both things that I've loved and used in seasons past, but these linen culottes and slides are two new additions to my wardrobe. Actually, both are things that were a bit of a risk for me; I've never owned a pair of slide-style loafers or loose culotte/palazzo pants before, but (again!) I took a risk and both are something I've already gotten so much use out of and can see myself wearing all season. Initially, I was concerned that culottes would be unflattering on my body type as I'm a bit curvier, but honestly, I love the way they look and they are just so comfortable and much cooler temperature-wise than jeans. The loafers are sort of a no-brainer (honestly, I have no idea why I've never owned a pair before!). They're so classic, comfortable, and adorable. I couldn't resist the unique white color with the navy piping and tiny bows! Totally sold.

Ok, finally to address one of the focal points of this outfit: the white knotted rope earrings from J.Crew. Again, I bought these on a major sale (for $10, down from over $40!). Dangly circular statement earrings have been popular for a few years now, and I've hesitantly wanted to buy a pair but was waiting for the perfect style at the perfect price. These fit the bill; loving how the rope style is a little different and brings a summery nautical element to an outfit with a neutral white shade that goes with everything.

I'm so excited and inspired by summer fashion lately! When I reorganized my closet for this season, I saw so many outfit possibilities that I can't wait to share.

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What's in your wardrobe this season?


Exploring Kenmare


coat: J.Crew (color sold out) // chambray shirt: J.Crew (old, similar) // belt: Old Navy (old, similar) // pants: J.Crew // socks: L.L. Bean // boots: L.L. Bean // bag: Cambridge Satchel Company // pearls: vintage // claddagh ring: The Irish Jewelers // bracelet: Kendra Scott 

I love small towns, especially those with a collection of local boutiques and cafes. Kenmare, Ireland, fits that description perfectly. Nestled in a valley surrounded by the mountains of County Kerry (and just a short car ride away from the beautiful Ring of Kerry), the town is absolutely picturesque around every corner. The Wednesday of our Ireland trip, we decided to take a break from our planned itinerary to just explore the town. This worked out perfectly, as my mom and I grabbed a coffee and spent the morning walking along the streets and going into shops, and then headed home so I could tackle some schoolwork and attempt to de-stress before college decisions (which came out at midnight that evening!). We also had lunch at a lovely French patisserie and bakery, which was absolutely delicious.

The weather was a little chilly with off-and-on rain, so I wore my wool coat from J.Crew and Bean boots to keep my feet dry. I also pulled out my white jeans, which I had never worn with Bean boots before; to my surprise, I actually loved the way they look! I don't really believe in the "no white after Labor Day" rule, although admittedly I don't wear my white jeans as much as I should during the colder months. I liked this outfit so much, however, that I'll definitely be making an effort to wear white more often!

I also chose to wear one of the most comfortable button-downs I own - this chambray embellished number from J.Crew collection. If I remember correctly, I mentioned it in my "Best Second-Hand Purchases" video a while back (you can check out my blog's YouTube channel to see it if you'd like). It's definitely one of my favorite shirts to wear year-round; I have a love for anything embellished and the juxtaposition between the casual chambray and dressy crystals add so much interest to this top. Not to mention, the chambray is so soft! I tucked it into my jeans and added a leopard faux-calf hair belt from Old Navy, which I thought brought a bit of contrast to the look. It was nice to mix it up from the brown belt I'd been wearing the whole trip! Finally, I accessorized with my usual pearls and Claddagh ring, as well as this Kendra Scott bracelet I bought two years ago. I love the pop of green; for some reason, it reminds me of the Van Cleef & Arpels bracelets (although for a fraction of the price).

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Coast of Northern Ireland

rain jacket: Land's End (it's monogrammed!) // sweater: The Sweater Shop (similar from L.L.Bean here) // mockneck: GAP // jeans: Madewell // boots: L.L.Bean // bracelet: vintage // watch: Michael Kors (old, similar) // pearls: vintage

My favorite adventure during my time in Ireland was hands-down the day we took to explore the coast of Northern Ireland. We left Dublin early in the morning (although I didn't like getting up at 5:30am, it was worth it to see the city wake up as we walked from our airbnb to the train station) and took the train up to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where we hopped in a bus and drove along the Irish coast. Our tour guide was hilarious, and gave us so much history about the area. I would definitely reccomend taking a tour bus around, it may seem touristy (which it definitely is) but it's a lot of fun and you really do get much more out of the experience than you would driving on your own. The seaside was stunning, and the drive had some of the most beautiful scenic views I've ever seen. At times, it reminded me a lot of Block Island!

Our first stop was at the famous rope bridge. After a hike along the cliffs, we arrived at the bridge where - at the direction of the park service employees there - you can walk across to the tall outcropping on the other side. Apparently, the bridge was built by fishermen years ago who still use it to cross the island where they store their boats to push out to sea. It's not for the faint of heart or those who are afraid of heights, and it definitely was a bit scary to walk across a rickety bridge with cliffs a hundred feet below, but it was worth it for the views. Speaking of, we had incredible weather - warm and sunny - which made the water sparkle and brought out the brilliant colors of the coastline.

Our second and last stop was at the Giant's Causeway, a gorgeous World Heritage site that's composed of natural rock formations that are unbelievable. They honestly look like something man-made; legend has it they were created by giants. This was the perfect way to end the day, and of course the hike there provided gorgeous views (although nothing will top the rope bridge in my book).

For my outfit, I knew the day would involve lots of walking so I chose my tried and true hiking shoes: my Bean Boots. They were perfect, and I'm so glad I brought them along (I almost chose to leave them at home!). I layered my Irish knit sweater over a lightweight pink mockneck shirt I bought from GAP before the trip, which kept me warm and helped to offset some of the wind up on the cliffs. Finally, I wore my yellow raincoat which I adore. It's a gorgeous marigold shade, waterproof, and it's monogrammed! Could a coat get any better? I also brought along my Longchamp, which was perfect for carrying my camera, phone, a hat in case it got really cold and my coat when I took it off during the bus ride.

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The Irish Knit

sweater and hat: The Sweater Shop (it's an Aran knit sweater, similar linked) // turtleneck: J.Crew x  Saint James (old, similar linked) // jacket: J.Crew // watch: Fossil // bracelet: KJP // necklace: KJP // claddagh ring: The Irish Jewelers // jeans: GAP (old, current season style linked) // shoes: J.Crew x New Balance // bag: Cambridge Satchel Company // pearls: vintage 

I didn't buy much in Ireland (shocking, I know!), but one thing I did buy that has quickly turned into one of my favorite things ever is this Aran knit sweater.

I knew from day one of our trip that I was looking for some Irish knitwear to bring home. In general, I like to buy things that are the "specialty" of countries I visit when abroad (olive oil in Italy, knitwear in Ireland, Delft pottery in the Netherlands, etc.) as a souvenir rather than kitschy things. There's absolutely nothing wrong with those, of course, but I always find myself never really appreciate them as much as I do a memento that I'll be able to use every day, and maybe doesn't say "Ireland" right on it but will remind me of my trip. Anyways, I digress!

On our third day in Dublin, my mom and I happened to walk past a shop called "The Sweater Shop" and decided to pop in. I found the hat I was initially looking for, but then fell in love with the Aran knit sweaters they had on display. These are the original "fisherman sweaters" (read: the sweaters with a special knit that are sold at the likes of  L.L. Bean), and they're hand-made on the Aran islands off the coast of Ireland. The quality is incredible, and I was expecting the price to be high -- but I was so surprised to see that even with the conversion from euros to dollars, they were still only half the price of the typical L.L. Bean fisherman sweater. That essentially sealed my decision, and I settled on this oatmeal color. I'm so happy I bought it! These pictures are from the day I purchased the sweater; I wore it over a turtleneck, as the wool can get a little itchy, but I loved how warm it was.

You'll also notice that I'm wearing the same J.Crew x New Balance sneakers I featured last year! These took me through Amsterdam and London; while I don't wear athletic shoes on a regular basis I can't deny that they are essential for any sort of traveling. They're my go-to pair for the plane ride and walking around the city. Plus, the gold and white suede fits in much better with my style, so they don't look sloppy either!

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