My Thoughts on Matte Palettes

To me, matte palettes are an essential in any girl's makeup arsenal. Not only do they work great on their own (natural matte look, anyone?), but they also compliment other palettes you may already have in a way that shimmery palettes can't. I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for at least one matte shade to put in my crease, if not more if I want a less glittery look. So often I buy palettes that are filled with gorgeous shimmery or satin shades, but when I start using them I always find myself reaching for a matte shade to tie everything together - and that's where matte palettes swoop in to save the day. 

In my collection, I have two all-matte palettes. The first is the Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral 02 palette, which contains twelve matte shades ranging from pure white all the way down to black. The second is the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette, which has lots of mid-range shades (technically the shade skimp has some slight pearl to it, but I find that on the eyes it comes off as totally matte). I like both for different reasons. 

The Sonia Kashuk palette is great because of the varied colors, and I like that it has a bright white (as you can see since I've hit pan on that shade). Usually palettes only go as light as a champagne shade, but having a white can be really helpful when you want a stark highlight. The only downside to this palette is the shadow texture; while it isn't the worse by far, some shades can still come off a little chalky. They definitely perform better with a primer.

The Naked Basics 2 is great if you find yourself lacking in crease shades or everyday mattes, but I wouldn't recommend it for someone who needs ultra-light or really dark colors. If you're looking for those, check out the Naked Basics 1. I usually find myself reaching for this palette when I want a matte transition or crease shade. The quality of these shadows are amazing, and it's also great for travel because of its compact size.

Those are my thoughts on my matte palettes! Do you have any favorites?



  1. Matte eyeshadows are so necessary! I love my Sleek Ultra Matts v2 because it has some non conventional colors too x

  2. I second with Coco N, matte eyeshadow are something you cannot live without. I'm using mac matte eyeshadow at the moment.