Primer Overview

Primers are one thing that can definitely suck me in with some killer marketing. Usually I take the claims of any given product with a grain of salt. However, I can't count the number of times I've been lured into purchasing a primer just by what's written on the packaging, without any further research whatsoever. Maybe it's the fact that I'm always looking for the primer that will do it all - that magical product that will fix all my skin issues in a flash and look great under makeup. Well, I haven't found that holy grail yet, but along the way I have gotten my hands on a few gems that each have their own unique strengths.  

1.)  KIKO Mat Base Corrector Primer -  One of two KIKO primers that I own, this one claims to give you a "long-lasting matte effect".  I like the feeling of this primer when I first apply it, and it dries to a light powder-matte finish that's smooth to the touch.  My skin also stays matte for longer with this primer than any other that I've tried. However, the deal-breaker for me is the way it interacts with the base products I put on top. This primer makes my foundation very patchy, no matter what formula I use or how I apply it. For that reason, I only use it when I absolutely must have matte skin, and I'm willing to sacrifice smooth foundation as the price.

2.) KIKO Skin Tone Correcting Primer - This is my favorite of my KIKO primers, and the primer overall that I reach for the most. It's one of the growing army of skin-tone correcting primers that are on the market these days, but I think one of the best. The green shade is intended to cancel out redness, which is great for me because of my pink undertones and acne-prone skin. While it won't completely eliminate all redness (in my experience, only foundations can do that),  I do notice a big difference after I apply it. As an added bonus, it sits really well under any base product that I choose to use, which is why it's quickly becoming an all-time favorite.

3.) Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser - This might be my least favorite primer in my collection. It's a silicone-based primer, which means it does make my skin very smooth. However I don't notice much of a difference in the appearance of my pores when I use this, and I find that it can make my skin oily throughout the day which is the opposite of what I want in a primer.

4.) L'Oreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer - This is my favorite primer to use in the fall/winter months, when my skin can look a little dull and needs some added luminescence. It looks really wonderful just applied over the cheeks, or mixed in with your base product to give an overall glow. While I don't use this as much in the summer (when I'm more oily) it's a great cold-weather choice and gets a thumbs up in my book.

5.) Rimmel Stay Matte Primer - This is the most affordable of my drugstore primers, but I'm on the fence about it. While it doesn't interfere with my foundation like the KIKO matte primer does, I'm not  such a big fan of the way it makes my skin feel after I apply it. It has a very thick consistency and feels almost heavy on your face, which I don't like. However, it does do a good job of keeping my skin shine-free - so if you're looking for an inexpensive solution to oily skin, this could be the one.

So, that's all of the primers in my collection. Rest assured, I'm sure I'll be purchasing more in the future - and when I do, I'll be sure to let you know how they match up!



  1. Hi, great post!!

    I'd never used primer before so when I bought one, I picked up the Rimmel Stay Matte because it was the cheapest and I didn't want to commit. But it really does help last longer so I think I'll give the Lumi Light one a go next :)

    Thanks for sharing this, Georgee x

    1. Definitely try the Lumi - it's a little pricier for a drugstore primer but looks absolutely stunning!