Single Eyeshadow Picks

Sometimes, I just don't want a lot of options. On those days, instead of reaching for a palette, I go for a single-eyeshadow. There's something relieving about not having to think too much about an eyeshadow look when you're having a rushed morning - and single eyeshadows are about as foolproof as it gets. Here are some of my favorites!

Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow (Bella Champagne): While I'm not sure what Milani means by "gel powder" (this is definitely a powder product), I really like this shade from their new single Bella eyeshadows. It's a very pretty light pink shade with gold glitter running throughout. Although it does benefit from a primer, it does a great job of brightening up my eyes and giving them a little more dimension. 

NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow (Liquid Gold): The Prismatic line is full of amazing single shadows, however this is the most wearable of the bunch. The pigmentation of these shadows is crazy! In  pictures Liquid Gold can appear a bit orangey, but in person it is a very pretty true yellow-gold. It looks great all over the lid for a one-shadow look and it really highlights my brown eyes.

Maybelline Color Tattoos (Bad to the Bronze, Barely Branded, Creamy Beige): These are some of the best cream shadows in the drugstore. They go on creamy and once they set they don't budge all day. Bad to the Bronze (part of the regular color tattoo line) is a cult favorite for good reason. It's a beautiful bronze color with slight shimmer that looks great on everyone regardless of skin tone. Barely Branded (color tattoo metals line) is a very brightening champagne color that does wonders for tired eyes. It's my favorite for early school mornings. Creamy Beige is the one I use the most out of these three, which is a bit surprising. I admit, it doesn't look like much in the pot, but when you apply it on the eye it takes on these beautiful purple undertones that give your eye incredible definition without trying hard. 



  1. I really love the Color Tattoo in Eternal Gold, it's more of a yellow tone gold, but I think it's stunning and all the Color Tattoo eyeshadows are very longlasting and beautiful. btw, the NYX eyeshadow is baked or something? It reminds me of a baked blush hahaha.
    I loved the post and the shadows, I think it's so handy having beautiful single eyeshadows to create a nice look without having to carry the whole palette.
    Have a nice day! xx

  2. The Color Tattoos are great for just a wash of color on your lid, which is what I usually do when I am working. No sleeping time to loose there...

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking