Summer Nights Skincare Routine

Lately (knock on wood) my skin has been looking really great, and I attribute that mostly to a new nightly skincare routine that I've been practicing religiously for the past month or so. I apply any treatments or targeting products onto my face before bed to allow everything to sink in while I sleep, so when I switch up my skin care it's usually the products I use at night. My current routine includes some old standbys and some new additions that all have been working together to keep my skin in good shape.

1&2.) I use the Clarisonic Mia 2 (I have the light blue color)  along with the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Face Cleanser in the shower to cleanse my face and remove any makeup and dirt. I love my Clarisonic; I've had it since last Christmas and since I've started using it I've noticed a big improvement in the texture and tone of my skin. Most noticeably, it's helped to reduce my acne scars and it works great to keep my skin exfoliated. I've used this Neutrogena cleanser for a while because it's gentle and doesn't have any artificial dyes or fragrances which irritate my skin. It does a great job of cleaning my face without drying it out - plus it's affordable!

3.) When I get out of the shower I pat my skin dry, then apply a small amount of the Biopha Micellar Water onto a cotton round and gently glide it over my face. I got this on a trip to Italy so sadly it's not available in the US, but there are lots of great drugstore micellar waters here - like this or this. I love micellar water because it gets off any excess makeup that somehow escaped my Clarisonic, and also removes any excess mascara that stayed on my lashes through my shower.

4&5.) I mix one drop of the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil with some of the Alba Botanica Even Advanced Night Cream on the back of my hand, then apply it all over my face. The tea tree oil helps to keep any breakouts at bay, while this night cream is moisturizing and helps to reduce discoloration and even skin tone. 

6.) Finally, I apply a thin layer of Epiduo (prescribed by my dermatologist) to areas of my face where I generally break out. If you struggle with acne I can't recommend Epiduo more, it really helped to clear up my skin and keep it clear. I've been using it for years now, and I still see no reason to switch to anything else. 

So, that's been my nighttime skin care routine this summer! It's been working really great, but if I switch things up I'll be sure to update you. What products work best for you?


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