Tassels: The Must-Have Accent for Spring

Monogrammed Tassel Earrings (available in lots of colors!) // White Blouse (also available in plus sizes) // Tassel Necklace // Monogrammed Clutch // Tassel Loafer 

Spring is finally here, and I've been updating my wardrobe for the season. I won't deny it - I'm a little tassel-obsessed. Tassels are a classic accent, but they've gotten a fresh, fun, and colorful new vibe with the collections that have come out for this spring and summer. I especially love the look of them in bright colors like turquoise and crisp white. Here are some of my favorite accessories and clothing items with the trend!

What are your favorite accents for spring?


The Foundation Files - Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review

Up until a few weeks ago, when I thought of Revlon Colorstay I didn't immediately get excited. The Colorstay line is one of those makeup collections that has been a drugstore staple for decades, and I've passed by the line of Colorstay foundations in the makeup aisle probably dozens of times without a second thought. However, a month or two ago I saw that Revlon reformulated the product and it sparked my interest. When I ran out of my Maybelline foundation, I picked this one up to see why it's been on drugstore shelves for so long. 

With the new formula, the packaging got an upgrade. Revlon finally added a pump, which makes the product ten times easier to deal with in the morning (no more tipping your foundation bottle upside-down only to get way too much out of it) and also keeps it much more hygienic. They also added in SPF, and while it's only factor 15, it's definitely better than nothing! Thankfully they kept their wide shade range and there are still two options for different skin types - Combination/Oily and Normal/Dry. I picked up mine in shade #150 from the Combination/Oily range.

The texture of the foundation is creamier than most, as you can see in the picture above. Initially, I tried to blend the foundation with my RT Blending Sponge.  However I found that this gave it a very cakey and odd look on the skin, so I switched over to my RT Buffing Brush which worked much faster with this foundation and also gave it a much smoother look. Upon first application the formula felt much lighter and looked much more natural than I expected.

As you can see above, the foundation did an excellent job of covering my redness/scarring, and gave a very even finish. The only texture issue I had with it was around my nose, where I tend to have larger pores. When I used the foundation without a primer it tended to exaggerate my pores, but it seemed to do much better with a smoothing primer underneath.

My favorite thing about the foundation, however, has to be its lasting power. I found that I could go through an entire school day (roughly 7 hours) without any fading or breakdown, even in areas where my skin gets oily. This has never happened for me with a drugstore foundation before, so needless to say I was extremely happy!

So, for the overview:

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the Revlon Colorstay foundation. It's been my go-to base product since I picked it up, and I definitely see why it's stayed in Revlon's line for so long. I would definitely recommend you try it out to see for yourself!


March Beauty Favorites 2016

Now that we're finally into the month of April, it's time to talk about March and all of the beauty bits that I was loving the past month.

I waited so long to join the Ambient Lighting Powder club, but I'm glad I finally did! Over the holidays I received a Sephora gift card and I knew right away that one of the items I wanted to purchase was an Hourglass powder. I went into the store to swatch all the different shades, but ended up going with Dim Light because it was the least shimmery but still gave off a pretty glow. I love the texture of this powder; it's incredibly finely-milled and is almost undetectable on the skin while still giving you a soft-focus look.

I picked this palette up not really knowing what to expect. I had heard a few people saying that they liked it, but wasn't sure how it would work for me. But, for $4.99 I gave it a shot - and it ended up being amazing! Both the contour and highlight colors are matte, and while I like the highlighter, the contour is what stands out to me. It's the perfect shade for my skin, being very pale (there's a darker shade for those with deeper skin tones) and has perfect tone for contour - cool but not grayish. As with many of WnW's products, it's very pigmented, but I've never had a problem with it looking patchy on the skin. It's made contorting quick and easy for me, especially on mornings when I'm rushing to get out the door.

I got a tiny sample tube of this in my Birchbox this month, and I think it's one of my favorite products I've gotten in my boxes so far. It's a very pink-based liquid highlight, which looks great if you have pink or neutral undertones like me (but it might not work as well on those with olive or yellow undertones). I really like that it has no visible shimmer or glitter - even in bright sunlight - yet it gives the skin a really fresh and glowy look.

This primer has been a life-saver for me at a time when my skin has been looking dull and dehydrated due to the cold weather. It does a great job of adding a very subtle glow from beneath your foundation, and also helps any base product I use to stay in place on my skin.

I love the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks for the colors and the formula, so when I found out they had come out with three new shades a while ago, I snatched up No.37. This one is a bright, slightly glossy coral-orange that looks really fresh for spring. Lately I've been wearing it sheered out, applying most of the product to the center of my lips then patting to distribute color in a gradient out to the edges of the lips.

This brow gel has completely changed my brow game. I'm not joking. As someone who has very sparse eyebrows naturally, whenever I fill them in with power (I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo in Dark Brown) it can tend to look very unnatural because the powder will cover up the hair that I actually have. This brow gel not only completely solves this problem, but also makes me look like I have thicker eyebrows than I really do. I'm not sure how it does it, but the "plumper" part of Brow Plumper is no lie. I also really appreciate the super-tiny brush that it has (very similar to the Benefit Gimme Brow), as it makes it really easy to comb through my eyebrows without getting gel all over my face.

What were your favorite products from March?