Skirts and Scallops

monogram necklace // top (similar linked, the exact one was from TJMaxx) // skirt // shoes

Tuesday afternoon my school let us out early (sadly we're still not out for summer yet, we have until this end of this week!), and my friend Mary and I decided to treat ourselves and have a girl's afternoon.

We stopped for lunch at this delicious place called Cava; it's a Greek grill that serves amazing Mediterranean bowls! If you have one near you you should definitely check it out.

Afterwards we browsed through a few shops, including Kendra Scott (more on that in an upcoming blog post!), before it started to rain and we had to wait out the storm in Madewell.

Needless to say, Tuesday was good for my wardrobe and bad for my wallet. I can't wait for summer to officially start! Be sure to check out Mary's blog here, she'll have an outfit posted too.


Sale Alert!

There's nothing I love more than a sale... and J.Crew Factory is having a huge one today! As you know, J.Crew in general has some of my favorite clothes on the market, and everything on their factory website is 35% off, with an additional 40% off of sale items. Stock up on your favorites while the sale lasts! If you need some inspiration, check out what's in my J.Crew shopping bag here.


Currently Reading


Last Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a Kindle Paperwhite, and since then, I'm happy to say that I've been reading a lot more. When I was younger I used to be a huge reader (like, the kind of who reads two or three books per week), but when freshman year of high school hit I just started running out of time to read. However, having the Kindle has allowed me to bring a whole library around with me in one small, super-chic package. Here are the books that I've been into lately:

I love historical fiction novels, and if you do too, then I would definitely recommend this one. It's the story of Elizabeth Woodwille, a commoner in 1400's England who becomes queen by her beauty. Once on the throne, she has to navigate a world full of enemies and fight to keep her throne and her family safe. It's really well-written, and I definitely enjoyed it!

I bought this book because I thought it would be hilarious, and I wasn't disappointed. Amy Poehler's writing is so entertaining, and the whole book is filled with funny stories, experiences, and even a few rants. If you're looking for a light read, I would recommend that you give Yes, Please a try!

This was my favorite fiction read recently; it was such an amazing story! Song of Achilles is a retelling of the Greek myth of the Trojan War, but told from Patroclus's perspective and exploring his relationship with Achilles, the hero of the myth. I got so attached to the characters that I couldn't put it down!

Princess Diana is one of my favorite icons, and I find her whole life fascinating. Usually I'm not the biggest fan of biographies, but I found this one so interesting. It is essentially the written transcripts of tapes Diana sent to the author, talking about her life as the princess. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you're looking for a good nonfiction read.

That's all of the books I've been reading lately, what have you been enjoying?


What's in My Shopping Bag? (J.Crew Factory)

This is a new series that I want to start on my blog: what's in my shopping bag? As you may know if you're a regular reader, I love shopping - especially online shopping. I have the bad habit of putting items into my cart that I probably won't be buying any time soon, so my shopping bags end up turning into a mini-wishlist from my favorite stores. So, I thought, why not share it with you? I started with possibly my favorite store - J.Crew Factory. 

What do you think of my picks, and what are your favorite things from J.Crew?


May Favorites

I know it's been a minute since the end of May, but I still wanted to touch on the things that I've been loving! May was the month when it really started to feel like summer; as I write this it's almost 90 degrees outside. As a result I've been switching up my wardrobe and the products I'm using. Here's what has stood out to me lately:

NUME Pearl Curling Wand. // I bought this wand a while ago when NUME was having a pre-summer sale on their website. I've been looking for a new curling wand for my hair; usually I wear it straight but sometimes I want something different. I absolutely love this wand and I'm so glad I bought it! The bubble shape helps make really natural-looking, pretty curls and they last for the entire day.

Platinum Jack Rogers. // I love love love my Jack Rogers. If you haven't purchased a pair yet, I highly recommend making the investment. They are extremely comfortable, and dress up any summer outfit, whether it's casual or fancy. Fun fact: Jackie Kennedy actually made this style of shoe popular in the 1950's!

Daniel Wellington Southampton Watch. // This is another investment that I'm so glad I made. DW's watches are so classic, but I went for the pink, navy, and white striped band. I love how it complements the rose gold watch-face, and it's surprisingly versatile. 

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote. // I bought my Longchamp when I was in Italy last summer, and I love how sturdy and functional it is while still looking pretty on your arm. I've used mine as a pool bag, shopping tote, and just to lug things around at school. I own the large size, but you can also buy smaller sizes if you want something a little less bulky. 

Essie Watermelon Nail Polish. // I mentioned this polish in my post about my favorite Essie nail polishes, but this color in particular has been a huge favorite this month. It's such a gorgeous bright, happy pink that stays on for a solid week without chipping and just screams summer!

J.Crew Chino Shorts. // I own three pairs of the chino shorts, and they are by far my favorite shorts on the market. Even being tall (I'm 5'10"), the shorts aren't too short on me, and they are extremely comfortable. My navy blue pair is my favorite, as it goes with everything. 

L'Oreal Blow Dry It Primer Spray. // This spray has totally changed my hair game. Since the beginning of the year, I've started to wash my hair in the morning and blow dry it before school. This primer spray not only protects my hair from the heat and speeds up my dry time, but also leaves my hair silky-smooth and straight. And the best part? It's only a few dollars from the drugstore. 

What have your favorites been in May?


Dressing for the Summer Heat

The weather has really started warming up here in Virginia, and while I love summer clothes, I hate feeling uncomfortable because of the heat. For me, balancing looking cute and not overheating has been a learning experience, and I've definitely gotten better at it over the years! Here are some of my tips for staying cool and looking put-together this summer.

1. // Look for flowy clothes. 

If I could, I would easily wear t-shirts and Nike shorts all summer long. Sadly, though, sometimes I need to look a little bit more presentable. Cue flowy shorts (like this adorable pair from J.Crew), tanks, and dresses. They look cute while letting you breathe and keeping you from turning into a sweaty mess.

2. // Layer it up. 

This may sound more like a winter fashion tip, but it applies to summer too. Wearing layers - like a summer-weight cardigan over a sleeveless top - will prevent you from feeling cold inside chilly air-conditioned environments, and layers can easily be taken off once you get outside.

3. // Sandals are your friend.

There is nothing worse than having sweaty feet inside a pair of ballet flats or boat shoes. To avoid that struggle altogether, I try my best to pick sandals any time I can in the summer. You can buy them in all different colors and styles, but I would recommend picking up a pair of casual flip flops and something a little fancier to start out, so you have a footwear option for any event or outfit.

4. // Pick out a hat. 
Hats not only protect your skin from getting sunburned (freckles are cute, sunburns are not!), but also keep you cool by shading your face. Baseball hats are great if you're working out, but otherwise, it might be better to go for a straw sunhat as the straw has better ventilation and will ultimately be more comfortable, especially if you're outside in the sun. 

Well, there are my tips for staying cool & put-together this summer. What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season?