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sweater // button-up (similar) // belt // shorts // shoes (similar)

Although I'm sad to say it, summer is slowly coming to a close. Fall sports tryouts at my school were at the beginning of this week, and practices started last Thursday. Some people are already heading off to college! While I don't have to go back until the beginning of September, that's just a few short weeks away - and I have to say, even though I love summer, I'm super excited for the fall season. Today's post features a classic outfit that's perfect for those days at the start of the school year where it's not quite summer and not quite fall.

This post is also special because it's a collaboration with Asha and Adriana of Step With Prep! Check out their blog and instagram (@stepwithprep) to see the back-to-school outfits that they'll be posting. They wear uniforms, so their outfits will be perfect for those who want to know how to look put-together and stylish in a uniform. They're both gorgeous, and I adore their style!

Would you guys like to see more back-to-school posts in the future? Let me know!


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