Friday Roundup #2

15 September 2017

1. The in-between season

I have to admit, am not a fan of the weather right now. It's right on the cusp of fall, but minus any of the pretty foliage and chilliness. It's so hard to dress these days, especially given that shorts are no longer appropriate but it's just not the time to pull out the knits yet. I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of autumn!

2. Balancing it all

College application season is really kicking my butt! I know I've been very MIA both here and on social media recently, but I promise that it's my goal to keep this space updated even in the midst of it all. I plan to get out this weekend and do a few shoots, and in the meantime, I have some text posts drafted and ready to go up on the blog soon!

3. In search of the perfect crossbody

I have been on the market for a crossbody bag for what feels like years now. I have my Longchamp and L.L. Bean tote (above), but I just need something a little less bulky that I can carry for causal nights out when all I need to bring is my phone, wallet, sunnies and keys. Ideally, I'd like to invest in something of good quality, but I'm just having a hard time finding something that really suits what I'm looking for. This week I came across this option, which I love, but wish it came in a lighter brown color. I also love the bags from Cambridge Satchel Co., but they're a little outside my budget! Let me know if you have any recommendations.

4. Anthropology 

This year I'm taking a really fascinating IB Sociology & Anthropology course. It's the first year that the class has been offered at my school, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I enrolled, but my teacher is so passionate about the topic that the class has been amazing thus far. Right now, we're doing an in-depth study of an ethnography about the Amish. It's been really refreshing to get a change from regular classes and expand my understanding of other cultures and social systems!

5. Boys by Charlie XCX

Up until this week, I had never really paid particular attention to Charlie XCX's music, but when Spotify included this song in my Daily Mix on Monday I couldn't get it out of my head! It's been on constant repeat ever since. I love the simplicity of the tune, but it's so so catchy! The music video is also really well done.

What has been on your mind this week?


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